25 July 2011

Too Darn Hot !


There are many ways to cool off.

1. Louis Riccio - Ciprie ,  1920, Museo Civico Luigi Bailo, Treviso.
2. Herbert Leupin -  Champagne Eptinger, 1958, Galerie Un-Deux-Trois, Geneva.
3.  G.W. Felini - 1938, from Great Magazine Covers of the World by Patricia Frantz Kery


Rouchswalwe said...

This is just brill!

Andy McEwan said...

Hello, Jane,
Cool illustrations, in every sense of the word. I particularly like the Riccio one. Sadly, though, in some ways it also reminds me of the pictures we're becoming used to seeing of polar bears on ever-dwindling ice floes.It's too darn hot for them too, poor things!
Best regards,

Jane said...

Rouchswalwe, nothing says summer like collapsible canvas chairs.

Jane said...

Andy, you may have the seed of an idea. That's actually a powder puff she's sitting on. Maybe humans could use our ingenuity to come with portable synthetic (environmentally friendly)ice flows for our ursine friends.