31 March 2012

Lammerwolken. Adolf Bohm

Lammerwolken or "Lamb clouds" appeared in the first issue of the Secessionist magazine Ver Sacrum. The title was as evocative as are the lithographs by Adolf Bohm.  The artist overcomes the static tendencies of the medium, conveying a sense of movement in clouds, grass, leaves, and wind.

Even my reference sources in German disagree about his birth date, evidently because there were multiple artists named Adolf Bohm.  His early works appeared in the pages of Ver Sacrum and several expressionist watercolors are in the collection of the Albertina in Vienna.  Between the two, color runs like a caesura, though both were created during the same short period between 1897-1903. Bohm's work, featured for the first time in the premier issue of the magazine, was at its best in a stylized but not distorted version of nature.

 Even in the pages of the determinedly modern Ver Sacrum less adventurous art appeared but it looks tired and dated and, I suspect, it  looked that way even where the ink was still wet on the paper.  Their encounter with Asian art in Vienna was just far enough from Paris to look a bit less slavish in imitation,  a bit fresher.

1. Lammerwolken, January 1898, Ver Sacrum.
2. title attributed: cloud formation, 1901, Ver Sacrum.
3. Alt, 1898, Ver Sacrum.
4. title attributed: cloud end papers,  1901,Ver Sacrum

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