06 July 2017

"They Told Me I Should Go To Rehab....."

...so that is where I will be for now, not on vacation but more like out for repairs.    In recent months my gait has been less of a walk and more like an old Tuscan dance, the saltarello, a dance whose name means "hopping step."
While I'm away from the keyboard, I hope you will browse through the archives here and, if you find something that interests you, please comment and I promise to respond to each one as soon as I am able.

In the meantime, for summer reading I can recommend nothing funnier than American Housewife: Stories by Helen Ellis.   Ellis is a southern transplant to New York City who, when her writing career stalled after the publication of a novel some fifteen years ago,  became a housewife/ professional poker player.   Beginning with "The Wainscoting War," a tale of decorative mayhem in an upper East Side  Manhattan co-op, to "Dumpster Diving With The Stars," a reality show run amok in the Hudson Valley's antiques alley, and ending with  a woman who rescues pre-pubescent beauty contestants in "Pageant Protection,"  the fun never flags.  Published by Doubleday & Company: 2016.

Original photograph by Peter Librizzi, restoration by Renee Ing Akana at 28moons


T. M. H. said...

I hope you'll be back soon. I'm always looking forward to your next post.

Nuncle said...

Godspeed, Jane. Return soon.

Hels said...

"The Wainscoting War," a tale of decorative mayhem in an upper east Side co-op, sounds like just my cup of tea :) Many thanks! Be strong!

Isabelle S. said...

I like your lovely blog ! have a nice summer time - Isabelle

Jane said...

T,M.H., thanks you so much for you encouragement. I can barely wait for the strength to do it! Keep munching on those archives until then.

Jane said...

Hels, thank you for hanging in here with me. I appreciate your interest and thoughtful comments, as always.

Jane said...

Nuncle, thank you for waiting for my tardy thank you. I sailed from a wheelchair to a walker to a cane in 10 ten days; now I'm working on speed - and freedom!

Jane said...

Isabelle, thank you for thinking of me with this wonderful season all around us.

Jane said...

I would be truly ungrateful if I did not call out those who have encouraged me by their support and their example that an open hand receives,to give some of my work away. In alphabetical order:

Julie Ardrey of The Human Flower Project (Austin, Texas)

Timothy Cahill of the Stone Hill Art Center and the Center For Documentary Arts (Williamstown, MA and Albany, NY)

Frank Goss of Sullivan Goss: An American Art Gallery (Santa Barbara)

Joanne Molina, editor of The Curated Object (Chicago)

Neil Philip of Idbury Prints and many other endeavors (Great Britain)

Jacqueline Pruskin of Tofler-Pruskin 20th Century Design (London)

Without whom, indeed.