24 September 2017

Elusive Brenda Bullion

When I walked into the Corners Gallery last October I had no idea that the owner would turn out to be related to an artist who had made a vivid impression on me on a visit to Ithaca eight years before, a long time to remember an image with no information other than a dry wall text.  A single watercolor drawing, the untitled one at left, had been included in an exhibition of prints and drawings Shared Experience at the museum at Cornell University in November, 2008.

The charm of this romantic figure resides in her specificity as much or more than in her self-consciousness and introspection.  How the horizontal movement of the scarf softens the otherwise relentlessness of the multiple verticals.

The charm of both drawings and watercolors is their customary intimate scale.  They are suited to domestic spaces and invite the viewer to live comfortably with them at length.  The gigantism of many recent paintings renders them more suitable to public spaces; how to relate to something that pushes the viewer away, maybe even out the door, makes them arrogant companions.
During the intervening years I made occasional efforts to learn about Brenda Bullion (1939-1992) to no avail.  Her early death and the undervaluation of drawing and watercolor when Bullion was working were woven into the scrim obscuring her work.
Ariel Bullion Eklund, the gallery owner,  is the daughter of Brenda Bullion.

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Image: Brenda Bullion - untitled, 1973, crayon and watercolor, Steven Barbash Collection, Herbert F. Johnson Museu, Ithaca, NY.


Youth Committee for Avon Garden Club said...

I too periodically search for Brenda Bullion, an artist. However, I'm not sure if the one you and I are finding elusive are one in the same. The birth date makes it seem possible so I am writing to see if you have any other information. The Brenda Bullion I am keep looking for attended the University of Arkansas in the late 1950's and early 60's. I was taken with Brenda's art I'd seen in a classroom studio. As a surprise my mother, also an artist and student at the U of A, bought one of Brenda's paintings for me.
I feel sure this is a long shot, but since my Brenda and your Brenda are elusive I decided to see if they could be our Brenda.

Jane LIBRIZZI said...

Hello, Carolyn.
I think you are on the right track. Corners Gallery in Ithaca, NY, is run by Brenda Bullion's daughter, Ariel Bullion Eklund. Here is her contact information. Good luck with your quest. And thanks for visiting.

Unknown said...

This is the same Brenda Bullion. I knew Brenda when she was in high school at Fordyce Arkansas. Brenda and I were at the University of Arkansas at the same time for 2 years. Brenda and I dated some.


Jane said...

Hello and thanks for your comments. Her daughter ariel Bullion Ecklund now runs The Corners Gallery of art in Ithaca, NY. In fact, I just received an email about two new exhibitions that are opening there.
Here's the link: