01 May 2014

The Pyramid Of Capital Returns

"We rule you.
We fool you.
We shoot at you.
We eat for you."

"We work for all.
We feed all. "

It never gets stale.

If your eyesight is sharper than mine, help me fill in the small print, please.     

Image: Library of Congress, Washington, D.C..
A Labor Union Placard: Pyramid of Capitalist System, Issued by..........Copyright 1911 by The.........Pub. Co., Cleveland, O., U.S.A.                


Mitchell T said...

Here's a link to a larger image that is readable...


I really appreciate your blog!


Jane said...

Thank you, Mitchell, for the information. I posted this picture back in 2008 when this site was new and I thought it deserved another look.And I appreciate happy readers, too.