31 October 2020

Get The Message?


This is an artwork based on the infamous butterfly ballot from the 2000 Presidential election that threw the Florida ballot count into question.  Those holes, the ones that are punched through, were called hanging chads. Whoever created this image deserves to be applauded.  Unfortunately, I have been unable to discover its creator. 

Image: by Thoughts On Democracy, 2016, Wolfsonian Museum, Miami.


Tania said...

When the votes become machines and the small voices become presidential electors, we no longer know very well where democracy stands.
We follow your elections closely in Europe, Jane. Good luck !

kat said...

Hello Jane, I'm often here, though not usually a commenter, but I've tracked down the image. They tell you about it here
Thank you for such regular artistic inspiration

Jane said...

Tania, thank you for your good wishes!

Jane said...

Welcome,Kat. Thanks for tracking down the information.