14 June 2021

Watching For Summer With Edie Harper

A white clapboard house with a swing on the porch.  Just a few colors, with a sunny yellow that suggests the title of this serigraph - Summer Watch.  And if you follow the white paw hanging down over the edge o the porch and turn right you will see a sleeping cat with a smile on its face. Like Lewis Carroll's Cheshire Cat, Harper's cat slips in and out off view.

Harper was a prodigious experimenter in media.  Beyond photography, she excelled in painting and lithography.   Not content with two dimensions, she made pottery, sculpture, and jewelry, too.  For Harper eploring each new technology must have been thrilling.

Except for a ix month cross country honeymoon with her husband, Edie McKee Harper (1922-2010 never strayed far from her Midwestern roots.  She was born in Kansas City, Kansas and settled in Cincinnati, Ohio, after studying at the Art Academy there.  During World War II she worked as a photographer for the Army Corps of Engineers.

Edie Harper - Summer Watch, serigraph (silkscreen) on paper, Springfield Museum of Art, Springfield, OH.


Tania said...

Nice ! And thank you for making us observe the cat, Jane, with the tip of the tail or a paw..

Jane said...

Tanoa, it took me awhile to figure the cat out. I thought I saw a smile and thought of the Cheshre Ct in "Alice in Wonderland" who appeared and disappeared at will!

Tania said...

I thought about it too, Jane ;-).

Jane said...

Tania, my guess about that white thig hanging down is that it is a paw because of the shape.

Tania said...

You're right, Jane.