04 May 2022

Nils-Udo: Garden By A Stream

This stunning photograph by Nils-Udo highlights the fragility of nature's beauty through an image of bindweed flowers reflected in a  tranquil stream.

The Caring Gallery is the first charity art gallery in Paris. Now is playing host to its third exhibition, Close to the Eyes, Close to the Heart, dedicated to biodiversity and safe-guarding the environment.  Thee gllery will donate ten per cent of its receipts to the French branch of the Jane Goodall Institute. It is curated by Anne-Sophie Berard.

Its first exhibition, Let's Dream of Better Days, was a n invitation to emerge from our pandemic isolation to connect with others and with the natural world. After this initial success, the gallery presented Politically Intimate, focusing on women's lives.

Nils-Udo is an artist from Bavaria who has been creating environmental arts for decades. He uses photography to capture the ephemeral aspects of the natural world we are part of.

Image: (courtesy Connaissance des Arts) Nils-Udo - Lit de ruissseau, fleurs de liseron (Streambed with bindweed flowers), detail, Galerie Pierre-Alain Charllie, Paris.


Tania said...

Another great discovery! Thank you, Jane.

Jane A Librizzi said...

Tania, Nils-Udo also writes and makes sculpture also.