27 September 2022

Pablo Picasso: Boisgeloup In The Rain

Paul Verlaine  described rain as "long sobs of Autumn's violins."
Admittedly, this painting by Picasso shows us spring rain but I think the epigraph fits.

Boisgeloup is an old stronghold dating from the Middle Ages. The town is located in the French region of Haute-Normandie. It became the home of Pablo Picasso in 1930. He Made a studio where he built sculptures in plaster, iron, and bronze. On the property there was a large outbuilding where he installed a press for engraving. He lived there for six years with his mistress Marie Therese Walter while his wife Olga stayed in Paris.  There is a small museum L'Atelier du sculpteur that displays his works. 

Image - Pablo Picasso - Boisgeloup in the Rain, 30 March 1932, oil on canvas, Musee Picasso, Paris.


Tania said...

I didn’t remember that residence.
Soon an exhibition in Brussels also: "Picasso and abstraction".

Jane said...

Tania, I had never seen an oval shaped Picasso painting before I saw this.

hels said...

Picasso was an insensitive chap, wasn't he? Did his wife take him back?

Jane said...

Olga eventually divorced Picasso but he behaved very badly in the process.