06 January 2021

The Power of Art: Ben Shahn When We Need Him

Image: Ben Shahn - Breaking Reaction's Grip, offset lithographic print, 1946, Smithsonian Museum of American Art, Washington, DC.


Hels said...

I loved the mural work Shahn did before the war, especially with the Federal support of the Works Progress Administration.

Thanks for the link

Jane said...

Hels, you can see the influence of the WPA style in this poster from 1946. There is a Ben Shahn mural of Sacco and Vanzetti on the side of a building on the cmapus of Syracuse University where I studied.

Hels said...


You are not going to believe the timing :) My next post is about Sacco and Vanzetti, including a strong reference to Ben Shaun.

Jane A Librizzi said...

Hels, I look forward to eeading it!